Nana Carmen was born in Jalisco Guadalajada Mexico in 1913. She became somewhat the gourmet cook of Mexican food. Nana Carmen made many of the traditional Mexican dishes her own by taking them to a new level of taste. If you ask me, I would say that Nana Carmen was ahead of her time when it came to taste. Along with the delicious entrées she would make, she decided to make her own hot sauce. She wanted to make a hot sauce that was not just about HEAT but also about FLAVOR! And that’s exactly what she did. Of course it wasn’t called Carmelita’s for years to come but we enjoyed it on everything. Now if you know about Mexican tradition in our family and many others, recipes were taught to the young women in the family so that they can bring the same joy to their family to be. Now with Nana Carmen, there was one granddaughter she held close to her heart. She was named after Nana Carmen an to distinguish the two everyone called her granddaughter,  “Carmelita”

​Carmelita loved to be in the kitchen with Nana Carmen. They shared a special bond and when Nana Carmen thought it was time, she taught Carmelita all her recipes especially her hot sauce. Now Carmelita makes it for her family. Our family thought that it would be a shame if we didn’t share this delicious hot sauce with everyone. So in honor of Nana Carmen and Carmelita, from our Family to yours, we give you…